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Lets unite all Afghans/Pashtuns پښتتنو یو ځای شی / افغانانو

Justice For Pashtuns

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The Justice For Pashtuns Network publishes news reports and video interviews in Pashto, Urdu, English, and languages!

Mardan KPK

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The Pathaan community world wide !


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for pathans only

The Pashtuns.

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Za Saada Pukhtun Tasvir Da Am'n Ao Da Meeni Yam.. Ta Ta Mi Cha Hasi Kom Ghalat Tasvir Jor Kare De..

Pashtuns- Lost Tribe of Israel

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We are a group of Pashtuns who are dedicated to reafirming our blood/genetic roots with our jewish brothers in Israel and around the world. We are the lost Israelite tribe and seek to re-establish our historical links with the Jews of the world.

Traitors of Pashtuns

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We will expose the traitors of pashtuns through this page,those who sold the blood of pashtuns and are responsible for the downfall of this nation.


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د کندھار د پيغلې چيغه تر خېبرہ راغله زموږ چې ځوان راځي راځي زہ به سرتوره یمه

The Pashtuns

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Strongest Nation of the WorldPASHTUNWALAI is my Culture my Way of Living till i DIE...!!! The enemy brands it as a language of hell, To heaven I will go with Pashto.

Pashtuns' International Association (PIA)

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Pashtuns' International Association ( PIA) is a forum of individuals and civil society organizations committed to project the true aspirations of the pashtun nation.